Exposition Song of Life

Song of Life 

Let yourself be inspired by the Psalms 

10 works of art by Jedi Noordegraaf. 

Psalms are songs found in the Bible. The are sometimes referred to as the ‘song of life’ of the Jewish people. In the Christian tradition these psalms have also played an important role throughout the ages.  

Songs of Life deals with themes like joy, anxiety, protest, doubts, trust and admiration. In the Psalms all these emotions can be found in an authentic way. People today can still relate to these words and thus connecting themselves with the God of the Bible.  

With remarkable imagination Jedi Noordegraaf expressed what inspires him in the various songs from the Book of Psalms. The exposition in the Koepelkerk showcases 10 works from his series on the Psalms. When talking about this, Jedi likes to refer to ‘Visio Divina’: from the silence looking at an image and to find rest by reflecting on it. You might even experience or see something that goes beyond your own, individual experience.  

Jedi Noordegraaf (1976) born in The Hague. Jedi is an illustrator. He graduated in 2004 as architect from the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Since graduating he worked as architect, designer, musician and illustrator. In 2009 he founded Studio Vandaar. The works on display and the rest of his oeuvre can be found and ordered online at www.studiovandaar.nl 

The Koepelkerk Community of Arnhem likes to pay forward what we have received. You are most welcome to enjoy the amazing architecture of this church including the art of this exposition. To get the full experience in Dutch, German or English you can scan the desired QR-code next to the artworks. You will be directed to a webpage with a short commentary by the artist, a thought-provoking question and the entire text of the psalm (in the words of the New International Version of 2011) 

In short: Let yourself be inspired by the Psalms.  

The 10 Psalms: 

Psalm 1 

Psalm 12 

Psalm 23 

Psalm 25 

Psalm 27 

Psalm 51 

Psalm 56 

Psalm 84 

Psalm 131 

Psalm 150 

This exposition is offered to you free of charge by the Koepelkerk Community. In case you want to make a donation to help support us maintaining this monumental church, you can scan the QR-code at the end of the exposition or you can make a donation with any debit or credit card at the cashiers-desk in the church sanctuary.  

Feel free to stay a bit longer in our popup ‘silence café’ at the back of the church sanctuary, or to just sit, light a candle or meditate.  

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